Interiors for Business, Inc. (IFB), local distributor of Parata Solutions window coverings, recently completed a successful installation at Willis Tower.

The installation in their 37th floor office spaces included Management Offices, Security and Administrative spaces. Willis Tower, the world-renowned skyscraper located in the heart of Chicago, has undergone a variety of changes since its construction began in 1970. Chris Nurre, founder and CEO of Parata Solutions states, “This skyscraper has single pane glass windows which are the Achilles heel of the building and its energy efficiency. Throughout the years, this has led to significant heating/cooling costs to the building, and in turn their tenants. Parata brings a one of a kind patented solution that solves both an aesthetic and cost issue.” The IFB and Parata Solutions team worked closely with Equity Office throughout the process from product specification through installation and follow-up.

Parata Solutions unique patented technology directs the shade cloth flush against the mullion, creating a thermal barrier similar to double pane glazing systems. The combined system improves the insulating value by up to 25%, a factor of 5X better than the thermal transmittance improvement of a traditional shade. The shades are installed using a patented 3M adhesive tape, unlike traditional shades that are drilled into curtain wall. Using the adhesive attachment system in this way not only allows record installation speeds, but also prevents damage to the curtain wall and building envelope thus maintaining the sealed system resulting in energy efficiency.

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