Terra Tarango

Terra Tarango, Director- Education for the VanAndel Education Institute (VAEI)

Director Tarango oversees VAEI and its efforts to improve science and inquiry-based instruction in K12 education. She and her team provide innovative science programs for students and world-class professional development for educators. She also heads up the global expansion of NexGen Inquiry®—VAEI’s web-based, interactive teaching and learning platform designed to support professional development and engage students in self-directed, hands-on science investigations.

Pat Callahan

Pat Callahan, President, K-12 Studio Leader – StudioGC Architecture and Interiors

Pat’s professional experience and personal interest in the educational field have provided him with the unique ability to recognize the needs and concerns of high school students, faculty and administrators, and translate those needs into successful design solutions. Throughout Pat’s 27-year career, he has concentrated his efforts on the planning and design of educational facilities. Pat’s leadership is informed by partnerships that broaden thinking and create new ideas to enhance the student environment. Complex renovation projects are his forte; as he leads the K-12 Studio at Studio GC by relying upon an interactive approach, where numerous ideas and options are evaluated together before a final decision is made.

Dr. Jack Barshinger

Dr. Jack Barshinger, Professor-Aurora University

Dr. Barshinger currently coordinates the Aurora University Educational Leadership program for aspiring superintendents.   He has a tremendous depth of experience in the K-12 environment and in leading high performing organizations.   During his tenure he was responsible for the expansion of multiple facilities with a focus on the integration of technology an enhancing the student experience.  Dr. Barshinger also serves as a thought partner in a number of fields that are related to education and the advancement of professionals.

Dr. Douglas Domeracki

Dr. Douglas Domeracki, Superintendent- West Chicago High School District 94

Dr. Domeracki has served as Superintendent of Community High School District 94 since July 1, 2013. An excellent communicator and life-long educator, Dr. Domeracki has experience in planning and management of buildings and grounds, collective bargaining, instructional and curricular reform, district finance and budget management, faculty and staff evaluation, curricular development, and policy leadership. Most recently, Dr. Domeracki has led the charge in a state and national award-winning redesign of the math and science wing of West Chicago Community High School. He supported the passage of a $37.5 million dollar capital referendum, developing a multi-phased approach to renovating and remodeling the remainder of the high school building over the next four (4) years. Dr. Domeracki holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from Northern Illinois University, a Master of Arts in Education from Governors State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western Illinois University.

Aileen Strickland McGee

Aileen Strickland McGee, Design Researcher, Workspace Futures at Steelcase

Aileen Strickland McGee is a design researcher, passionate about the ways in which the built environment shapes our experiences. As a member of the WorkSpace Futures group at Steelcase, Aileen is a part of a team that dives into deeply understanding the ways that people live, work, and learn. By asking big questions and exploring complex answers, the team helps Steelcase envision possibilities and frame real-world choices for the present and future of living, working, and learning. For the last 5 years, Aileen has been focused on exploring these complex answers within the field of education and educational environments.