IFB Showroom Story

In 1867, Nelson Burr and Hugh M. Armstrong from Batavia, Illinois joined together to produce the Burr Feed Mill and the Nichols Windmill. Little did they know, this began the construction of what would become one of the largest windmill manufacturers in the world. Producing 2,000 windmills a year in its prime, the Challenge Company serviced countries all over the world. A true testament to the American dream and Batavia’s legacy as “the Windmill City”, this building is a historical monument.

As the first tenants of the former Batavia Post Office, Interiors for Business Inc. was born in a repurposed building. When it came time to find a larger space, the former windmill factory proved to be the only natural fit.

Saving the Challenge building was a choice. The transformation of a 150 year old space is not easy, but preserving the history of such a landmark in the community and protecting the environment, make our story something we take great pride in. The reuse of space is much more than what we do for a living. It is who we are. At IFB we help our customers define who they are by creating environments that reflect their business culture and brand.

With a new generation entering the workforce, the way we work has changed drastically in the last decade. People are more interconnected than ever. We provide a space that supports those connections. The tools and technology we supply enhance collaboration and promote the growth of relationships. We work together because it’s more productive, but more importantly, because we want to. For us, work is part of the human experience. We strive to make our space a destination, somewhere that attracts and inspires people.

Renovation was a process and a commitment, but it was a labor of love. Where we work is unique and different, a direct reflection of who we are as a company. Creating a 21st century space in a 19th century building is a validation of the deep faith we have in what we do, a testimony to our passion and to our culture. Here at IFB, we are bringing life to work.