We recently reviewed 2014 in an overall sense, but wanted to focus as well on the events and conferences we participated in this year in more exacting detail. We dug back into the Steelcase Health blog archives, and here are the highlights of what we learned.


With TEDMED pushing back to September this year, NeoCon was the year’s first big event. Held as usual in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, this was our first opportunity to present our new brand identity, and talk to people about our newly released Insights and Applications Guide. Our space at NeoCon featured three main zones:

  • A transition space to highlight our waiting place insights;
  • A clinician workspace, that featured a provider hub and several privacy spaces;
  • Exam spaces, that featured a multipurpose exam room and quick-care space.


During NeoCon we partnered with a team from Quantified Care to perform mini Smartphone Physicals as an effort to demonstrate how space and technology affects the healthcare experience, centered specifically around Empath, Pocket for iPad, Verge and Regard. When we asked them about the Steelcase Health exam room setup, they said:

The Steelcase Health quick care setup was an ideal use case for the Smartphone Physical and shows great promise as a functional component of both clinical spaces and new spaces where care is now starting to be offered. A space like the Steelcase Health exam room that facilitates quick intake and examination of patients can begin to alleviate the challenge of wasted time in the intake process. Incorporating concepts from the Steelcase exam room, such as the ability to share visuals and data with the patient on a viewing screen, can further improve the functionality and usefulness of these types of spaces.

Read the rest of the interview here.



ScreenHunter_176 Sep. 02 11.09Health Innovation Week: Mayo Transform

In early September, we featured our first ever Health Innovation Week. The first half centered around the Mayo Transform symposium, held at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The networking and discussions held in the Forum were a highlight of the conference, while the sessions were, as always, very well done. Here are the presentations we found most compelling.

Check out photos from the conference here.




ScreenHunter_176 Sep. 02 10.04Health Innovation Week: TEDMED

The second half of Health Innovation Week included TEDMED, which took place simultaneously in both Washington DC and San Francisco. After a trip earlier in the year to the Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination, founded and curated by the chairman of TEDMED, Jay Walker, we were very excited for this year’s conference. Neither venue of the conference disappointed!

The Hive, the Great Challenges program, and the main stage program, which we were able to simulcast to different locations around the country, were highlights. Steelcase Health was also able to build a specialized space for a high-tech blood draw offering from Theranos in The Hive. The unique space for Theranos featured Pocket mobile workstations, Verge stools and various seating options. Click here for more on the Theranos experience and TEDMED.

Here are the most compelling presentations from the conference.




Healthcare Design Conference

Steelcase Health concluded the year as the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of the Healthcare Design Conference. The booth at HCD featured an interesting mix of semi-open and semi-private settings that blended accessibility, connection, shared learning and collaboration, while at the same time defining personal space and privacy.

The five main applications in the booth included:

  • Semi-Open Treatment Area: This application is designed to provide personal space for the patient and family, yet allow them to interact with and support other infusion patients. Together, the full set of applications in the guide is designed to accommodate many scenarios, from private treatment areas to communal spaces that encourage patients to form friendships and personal support networks with others with similar treatment experiences.
  • Open Nurse Hub: Clinicians need more than just a place for tasks. They need places that support collaboration, focus, teaching, learning and quick social exchanges, as well as places that enhance their work and their wellbeing.
  • Clinician Respite: It’s designed to be a space that’s separated from the rest of the floor for clinicians to recharge, reflect or take care of personal matters.
  • Semi-Private Booth Hospitality: This is a more casual setting for increased focus while clinicians collaborate or connect.
  • Waiting Space: Waiting is common in healthcare, yet it tends to be uncomfortable, unproductive and often undermines wellbeing. We believe it is possible to create places for connecting with others, accessing information and reducing stress.


Check out more photos from the conference here. The 2013 winner of the AAHID/Steelcase Health Student Fellowship Award wrote a blog post on her experience with the conference; it’s an insightful and worthwhile read.


Thanks for engaging with us this year – we look forward to an equally rewarding and exciting 2015!




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