STEVE STEINSteve Stein, the Area Healthcare Manager in the Northwest Region for Steelcase Health, recently became the newest member of the Advisory Group on the Washington Patient Safety Coalition (WPSC). A program of the Foundation for Health Care Quality (FHCQ), the Washington Patient Safety Coalition is dedicated to improving patient safety and reducing medical errors for individuals receiving health care in Washington, in all care settings.

Established in 2002, WPSC collaborates with patient safety leaders across the state and the nation, sharing the latest developments and best practices to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors. Steve will work with his co-Advisors to provide guidance on patient safety priorities.

wpsc-logoThe WPSC motto is Safe care: every patient, every time, everywhere. All society benefits from a concerted awareness and practice of patient safety. Rather than work in silos, this organization freely shares best practices with and from the best. Their values and approach closely mirror ours here at Steelcase Health.

From the WPSC website:

Our Values

  • Patient-centered: The methods used and promoted by the Coalition will be driven by the needs of the patient.
  • System-oriented and sustainable: The Coalition will focus on system changes that create and sustain a safe environment.
  • Evidence-based: The Coalition will strive to promote methods and activities that are evidence-based, while accommodating new research and emerging applications.
  • Inclusive: The Coalition’s work will recognize the diversity of our community and will strive to include all populations and stakeholders.
  • Resource-sensitive: The Coalition will be sensitive to the resources required to implement and sustain change.

Our Approach
We will partner with patients, families and the healthcare community to improve safety within and across all care settings by:

  • Facilitating the exchange of information about best practices.
  • Identifying and promoting new knowledge and practices.
  • Supporting coordinated collaborative efforts and partnerships.
  • Encouraging patient advocacy and engagement.
  • Cultivating a culture of safety that is evidenced in our strategies, policies and activities.


How does this connect with your role at Steelcase Health?

Steve: “As a Steelcase Health Area Healthcare Manager, my role is primarily to share our research, insights, applications and solutions. The values and approach taken by the WPSC compliments and further strengthens and differentiates our message and value to the Healthcare vertical market. Continually exchanging ideas with leading organizations hopefully makes me better, makes the company better and ultimately makes the patient experience better.”


How does Steelcase Health fare when it comes to looking at patient safety? Any products stand out?

Steve: “Our brand’s commitment to Connected Care and to humanizing the healthcare experience is paramount to any discussion regarding patient safety. The research illustrated in our Time For Change Insights and Applications Guide highlights in particular our Empath recliner (with a focus on clinician and patient wellness and safety) and the Regard seating line (transition moments that revolutionize an important part of the patient’s journey to wellness).

As important as any single product is our approach: Observations leading into Opportunities to develop Key Insights and Design Principles that turn into Applications. Every product we develop comes from this approach. It is my favorite “product” to sell!”


What are some easy ways to reduce errors and keep patients safe?

Steve: “Besides legislation that commands attention to this issue at the C-Suite level, safe patient handling and the reduction of medical errors starts with the power of One. Being educated about your role as a provider; adhering to proper technique; continuous training, etc, is surely important, but even more important is taking care of yourself.

Having the right amount of sleep, exercise, stress level and simple enjoyment of life will directly result in better outcomes –this means every one of us: patients, providers and family members; because we are all on a lifelong wellness journey together.”

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