European Design, American Made

Austrian based office furniture company Wiesner-Hager designed nooi with an innovative one shell form and different frame options to suit all main communication areas. Working with Steelcase, nooi is now being manufactured within the U.S. offering European design on a shortened lead time, with a U.S. warranty and competitive pricing.

Interlocking + Stackable Design

Easy reconfiguration

Simple and intelligent, easy and quick, Nooi’s interlocking frame makes setting up chairs in different scenarios easier than ever before. The two adjacent legs are simply stacked over each other, always linking from left to right. This ingenious linking system works with and without arms.

Watch nooi in action


Nooi’s ingenious linking system results in a valuable space gain with a comfortable seat width. Visually, nooi’s linking system creates a sleek, settled look, with fewer visible legs.


Setting up and storing away nooi is quick and easy with upright stacking of up to 15 chairs. This ensures safe and compact stacking and means that very little storage space is required.

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