How Does it Work?

How it works

The Parata shade solution is designed to help contain the heat and cold transfer through windows, reducing heating and air conditioning requirements.

Many shades purport to improve insulating of  U- and R-values. The unique Parata Shade System showed 21% higher U-values in testing by the Illinois Institute of Technology using identical fabrics to the other shades.

The difference is in the housing and installation.

  • The shade cloth unfurls without rippling and creates a new air pocket that acts as a secondary insulation layer between the window glass and the outward face of the shade cloth.

  • The Parata shade unwinds from the housing “tube” off of a horizontal lip that eliminates the rippling common to shades because of the downward load along the tube length.

  • The unique Parata Shade housing directs the shade cloth in a position that as it unfurls it contains the air between the glass and cloth to capture air movements.

  • Utilizing air as a natural insulator, this system creates another thermal barrier similar to double pane glazing systems.




The Parata shade housing is made from high recycled content, curtain wall grade milled aluminum. It can be anodized in clear, bronze, or black or powder coated in a variety of finish colors to match interior design requirements. Shade cloth comes in a multitude of colors and is available in different weaves depending on how much openness you desire.

We use only Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics in our shade systems as they are designed to the highest standards. Our broad range of sun control fabrics reduce solar heat gain, protect against damaging UV and improve the comfort of any interior space. All fabrics met the GREENGUARD Certification for indoor air quality and are PVC and lead-free. Quality made in the United States.

Parata Solutions has engineered an attachment method using specially designed 3M™ Tape for interior fittings of an interior shade system.



The Parata Solutions Shade System provides a multitude of benefits to you and your company.

  • Stabilized and comfortable temperature
  • Increases savings by decreasing air conditioning and heating costs
  • Reduce carbon released in US due to cooling offices and homes
  • Eliminates curtain wall and structural damage
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